The cost of living in UAE

The cost of living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) varies depending on the city you reside in. Major cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known for their high cost of living, with expenses such as rent, transportation, and dining out being relatively expensive. However, other expenses like healthcare and education are subsidised by the government.

Standard of living

AED 24,000 is considered to be an average salary in the UAE. With this salary, you can afford a decent standard of living, especially if you budget wisely. However, your lifestyle and the city you live in will greatly impact how far your salary goes. Housing is usually the most expensive item in your budget, followed by transportation and food.


The cost of renting an apartment in the UAE can vary greatly depending on the location and size. In popular areas of Dubai, for example, rent can be quite expensive. On average, you can expect to spend around 35-40% of your monthly salary on rent.


Transportation costs in the UAE can also add up. Whether you choose to own a car or utilize public transportation, you need to consider fuel expenses, parking fees, and the cost of a driving license if you decide to drive.

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Other expenses

Other daily expenses such as groceries, dining out, and utilities should also be factored into your budget. While these expenses may vary depending on your lifestyle choices, it is important to plan and set aside a portion of your salary for them.

Saving and investing

AED 24,000 can provide a good opportunity for saving and investing if managed wisely. It is a good practice to allocate a portion of your salary towards savings and investments to secure your future and achieve financial stability. Consider setting aside money for emergency funds, retirement plans, and other long-term goals.

While AED 24,000 is considered an average salary in the UAE, it can provide a decent standard of living if managed effectively. Understanding the cost of living and budgeting wisely are key factors in making the most out of your income. Ultimately, your satisfaction with the salary will also depend on your personal circumstances and financial goals.

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